SJSU students and alumni speak out on lack of attendance at football games

By Keanu Haghighi (@KeanuHaghighi): 

Question asked to all participants: 

How can SJSU get better attendance at football games?

“Better tailgating and better players.”

  • Matthew Ricci, freshmen


“Improve the stadium PA system and amenities. Put more marketing out there. Offer comp. tickets to local high school sports programs. Utilize [the] DJ more with more modern music. Eliminate some of the annoying third down stuff. Take ideas from the Oakland Raiders and Stanford football gameday experiences. Make just being at the stadium an “event” in which people feel they have to be there.”

  • Daniel Barrera, alumnus


“Relax its restrictions and remove some of the hoops organizations need to go through to be able to actually participate in tailgates.”

  • Alexander Hurtado, junior


They can be more tailgate friendly. Offer better ticketing for alumni and the San Jose community. “

  • Alex Ortega, alumnus


Have more incentives and giveaways. Have the audience become involved.”

  • Rei Wei, senior


“More one-on-one or personal interactions from the team.”

  • Marjorie Meyer, senior


“Always have the school sanction tailgates before where they serve hamburgers, chips, water, etc. for free. They can have giveaways so people will want to go to get free things such as sweat rags, water bottles, etc.”

  • Bailey Faustina, junior


“Be transparent with tailgate rules.”

  • Nick Carrillo, senior


“More spirit, incentives and a winning team.”

  • Ashley Williams, senior

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