Here’s to you, Ms. Robinson

By Taylor Lupetti (@tayclupetti):

For the rest of Spartans volleyball history, the name Breann Robinson will be known.

The senior setter joined an elite group of 12 San Jose State volleyball players on Saturday when she got her 2,000th career assist. She wasn’t aware of the milestone until her teammates brought it to her attention.

“Actually, Luiza told me the day before,” Robinson said. “She had read some article and I was like, ‘oh cool.’ I’m not going to keep track of that so I didn’t realize it was going to happen that game.”

It wasn’t until the match against Fresno State that Robinson realized she had broken the record. To her, the win over the rival Bulldogs was the most important thing.

“I didn’t know until after the game was over and I looked on my phone that was blowing up with all of this stuff,” Robinson said. “It felt really good, I was excited for the win, like I was excited for our team but it was cool to know.”

Robinson is averaging around 40 assists per match but went above that with 46 assists against San Diego State and 45 against Fresno State pushing her to 2,014 career assists.

In addition to traveling to Brazil with her team over the summer, Robinson and senior teammate Nandyala Gama traveled to Europe to represent the Spartans on the Mountain West All-Star Team that took second at the 2017 European Global Challenge.

“We had a great time there,” Robinson said. “We actually made history there too, we went the farthest any Mountain West team has gone so that was really cool.”

Gama is close to an SJSU record as well, just 46 kills away from becoming the 14th Spartan with 1,000 career kills. As setter, Robinson has played a big part in Gama’s soon-to-be-broken record.

“I am so stoked for her,” Robinson said. “She’s been doing really well this season just killing it so that will be really awesome and I think the whole team plays a part in everyone’s success.”

With graduation quickly approaching for seniors Robinson, Gama and Jamie Hirai, there is a different kind of legacy they want to leave behind aside from career records.

“The seniors in my class, the people that are going to be leaving, have always talked about leaving a legacy or a culture of working hard,” Robinson said. “That is more what we care about and what I want to leave behind.”

While the milestone is a big one for Robinson, she isn’t done yet. It is the last indoor season for the setter who has big goals before leaving Spartan Gym.

“I want to be top three in conference,” Robinson said. “Every game in our conference is a dogfight so it’s never going to be easy for us so to win we just have to go in with the mentality that we have to earn everything is how we are going to do it.”

With a little less than two months left in regular season play, Robinson has at least 14 more games left to accomplish her goals and to leave her team with the workhard mentality that she wants to see continue after she’s gone.

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