A long time coming — Brennan gets his shot with SJSU

By Ernie Gonzalez (@superego1012):

One reception, seven yards.

Yes, just one reception, for seven yards.

We’re talking career numbers here and for San Jose State’s head football coach Brent Brennan, his entire playing career revolved around one route, and one reception.

He lined up on the outside once again, this time, with an opportunity to run a route much more than for a statistic, but for a foundation.

Brennan played wideout during the 1994 season at UCLA, where he studied between 1991 and 1996.

The first-time head coach has said on multiple occasions that he’s a firm believer that if student-athletes can take care of the classroom, football will take care of itself.

“You get to be with a player from the time where he’s going from being a young man to being a man,” Brennan said. “By doing the right things you have a chance to have a really significant impact on a young man’s process.”

Brennan understands how fortunate he was to have a father who shoveled football into him since he was young.

Steve Brennan played defensive end for the Spartans back in the late 1960s and would attend games as a family in the 70s.

“Lots of the kids that we coach didn’t have a good male figure in their life and so lots of times you can help them grow and mature in ways that they didn’t know was possible,” Brennan said.

Born in Redwood City, the 44-year-old Bay Area native has always been soiled to SJSU, and with under a week until the ‘Brennan Era’ kicks off, he deserves every bit of his new job.  

“I love that part about it. Just working with the players and being a part of their life, and them being a part of my life,” Brennan said.

Since he was little, he remembered coming to football games rolling down the hill now coated with student and visitor sections.

His mother was on the San Jose State cheer squad and would routinely attend football games at Spartan Stadium.

With time, things change, and it’s a little ironic that Brennan’s first year as head coach means a new turf, considering all the memories he leaves behind on the other surface.

“I went to high school 15 miles from here. I played two high school championships in this stadium…so this place is special in every way,” Brennan said.

Notice how he said place. Not turf, not grass, not field. Place. Although there’s been recent talks about the renovation of CEFCU stadium, no changes have taken place beside the stadium’s name and stadium’s surface.

The main renovation this offseason has been a new brand of energy, a type of energy that has been built and committed to.

“My favorite part about coaching here is being home and having a chance to do something special at San Jose State,” Brennan said.

This isn’t a powerhouse like UCLA. This is SJSU and to Brennan, he believes football combined with whiteboards will open up doors and windows for future athletes.

“I think football can be the gateway for everyone to see our institution for what it is,” Brennan said.

Well, he’s lined up again. Let the new route begin.

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