Coach Brennan Laminates the Memo at Levi’s

By Ernie Gonzalez (@superego1012):

Hours before the San Jose State air-horned its first practice Friday, the 10th annual Bay Area Football Preview took place just up the road in Santa Clara.

The event marked the unofficial start for the 2017 season, featuring a half-hour press conference by three Bay Area college football head coaches.

Brent Brennan (SJSU), David Shaw (Stanford) and Justin Wilcox (Cal) all attended, gave their thoughts and answered questions on the current state of their programs.

“I think we have great leadership [in my eyes] that really sees the value of football and the potential for it to impact our university,” Brennan said.

Over the last 20 years, athletic directors at San Jose State haven’t lasted long, but Brennan’s on board with the plan SJSU president Mary Papazian and athletic director Marie Tuite have in store.

What we’re trying to build is a program that’s sustainable. Not one that changes every year, or is up and down or is average…we have a real chance to do something special,” Brennan said.

As for that chance, senior defensive back Maurice McKnight talked about his optimism is about where this team is, and believes they can contend, but says it’s going to take reps.

“I feel like we’ve grown closer just because of the hard work we put in.” McKnight said. “…Now we can put it all together.”

Junior tight end Josh Oliver seems determined to staple a season to remember on his football resume, but credits the team’s vibe as a weight and motivation.

“It’s just the energy. Everyone is competing…everyone is grinding,” Oliver said.

Just 29 days remain until the season opener at home versus South Florida.

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